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The Voice

  • 2 Chronicles 12

    Reading 2 Chronicles 12 for Thursday, August 21st. Rehoboam ignored God and was attacked by Shishak, the king of Egypt. He repented and was spared from total destruction. Rehoboam did […]

  • 2 Chronicles 11

    Reading 2 Chronicles 11 for Wednesday, August 20th. Rehoboam wanted to regain control of his kingdom, but God had a different plan, asking them to go back home. Jeroboam started […]

  • 2 Chronicles 10

    Reading 2 Chronicles 10 for Tuesday, August 19th. Rehoboam is the new king. The Israelites ask for a break from their labor expectations, but are given a harsh reply, so […]

  • 2 Chronicles 9

    Reading 2 Chronicles 9 for Monday, August 18th. Solomon impressed the Queen of Sheba with his wisdom and accomplishments. Many rulers gave generous gifts to Solomon, and Solomon was a […]

  • 2 Chronicles 8

    Reading 2 Chronicles 8 for Saturday, August 16th. Solomon took over some cities, finished the temple, appointed Israelite men to lead, and foreigners to be led. He made a separate […]

  • 2 Chronicles 7

    Reading 2 Chronicles 7 for Friday, August 15th. God filled the temple with his glory. Lots of sacrifices were made, and God tells Solomon what will happen to the temple […]

  • 2 Chronicles 6

    Reading 2 Chronicles 6 for Thursday, August 14th. Solomon publicly prays for the temple and for Israel. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

  • 2 Chronicles 5

    Reading 2 Chronicles 5 for Wednesday, August 13th. God moves into His new place. Everybody celebrates and worships with sacrifice and music. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple […]

  • 2 Chronicles 4

    Reading 2 Chronicles 4 for Tuesday, August 12th. Huram made furnishings of bronze and gold for the Temple. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | […]

  • 2 Chronicles 3

    Reading 2 Chronicles 3 for Monday, August 11th. Solomon begins work on building God’s temple and gives a few measurements (in cubits) as to how big things are that he’s […]