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The Voice

  • 1 Samuel 9

    Reading 1 Samuel Chapter 9 about Saul trying to find his dad’s lost donkey’s and having a divine appointment with Samuel. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts […]

  • 1 Samuel 8

    Reading 1 Samuel Chapter 8 for Thursday, January 16th. Samuel’s sons didn’t follow in their dad’s path. The Israelites wanted a king, like all the other surrounding peoples had. God […]

  • 1 Samuel 7

    Reading 1 Samuel Chapter 7 for Wednesday, January 15th. The ark is taken care of for 20 years in a town. Samuel tells the Israelites to stop worshipping idols, and […]

  • 1 Samuel 6

    Reading 1 Samuel Chapter 6 for Tuesday about the successful return of the ark of the covenant to the Israelites in a cart towed by two cows. Seventy men died […]

  • 1 Samuel 5

    In today’s reading of 1 Samuel Chapter 5 for Monday. We read about what the Philistines went through after deciding to keep the ark of the covenant of God beside […]

  • 1 Samuel 4

    Here I read 1 Samuel Chapter 4 for Friday, January 10th, 2014 about the fulfillment of a dire prophesy for many in Israel and the house of Eli, including the […]

  • 1 Samuel 3

    Let’s read 1 Samuel Chapter 3 for Thursday, January 9th, 2014. May your ears tingle today as God reveals Himself to young Samuel for the first time, and a troubling […]

  • 1 Samuel 2

    Reading 1 Samuel Chapter 2 for Wednesday. Hannah is blessed with five more children while Eli and his family line are cursed and his sons are prophesied to die on […]

  • 1 Samuel 1

    Reading 1 Samuel Chapter 1 for Tuesday, January 7th. Hannah prayed because she could not have a child, and after being bullied by a rival wife and misunderstood by a […]

  • Ruth 4

    Reading Ruth Chapter 4 for Monday, January 6th. Boaz goes to the city gate and confirms with the nearest legal kinsman-redeemer that he chooses to waive his right to Ruth […]