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  • Discussion: Honor

    What is honor? Who do you honor? What do you honor? How do you show honor? “”-Exodus 20:12 (honor parents) “”-Romans 13:1 (submit to authority) “”-Acts 5:28-29 (obey God over […]

  • Discussion: Sharing

    ? “”–Proverbs 28:13 Confess your sins 2008-11-18

  • Discussion: Pray

    When do you pray? Why do you pray? Where do you pray? What do you pray for? If God knows everything, why pray? Is prayer just to get stuff from […]

  • Discussion: Sacriledge

    What is sacriledge? What would be the worst thing one could do to damage their relationship with God? Have you felt so guilty that you felt embarrassed to come back […]

  • Discussion: Devotion

    In what ways do you think devotion is best shown? Can you be devoted to something bad? Have you ever claimed to be devoted to someone or something but not […]

  • Discussion: Correction

    Do authorities seem to pick on you a lot? What have you been responsible for? What is your level of self esteem? Describe a time when you failed: What were […]

  • Discussion: Parents

    What do you imagine it’s like to be a parent? What do you think the best part about being a parent probably is? What do you imagine the worst part […]

  • Discussion: Decisions

    Do you have difficulty making decisions? What decisions are you trying to make right now? How do you know when you have considered a decision long enough to make a […]

  • Discussion: Rescue

    Have you ever saved someone from danger? Have you warned someone about a hazard? Describe a time when you were in trouble, or may have been severely harmed if not […]

  • Discussion: Dating

    Is it okay to ditch your friends because you have a g/b-friend now? How do you know when you are being too obsessive in a relationship? What does the Bible […]