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  • Discussion: Authorities

    What should you do when people are in charge that you disagree with? What does it mean to submit to authority? Why would God want us to submit to an […]

  • Discussion: Delight

    Does God delight in your way? Do you look for God’s hand when you stumble? If you don’t reach for God’s hand, you will fall. God is like a father […]

  • Discussion: Company

    ? “”- 2008/01/13 -Ben Parker & Kirstie Ortiz

  • Discussion: Funk

    Have you been in a funk? What is the funk? How can you get out of the funk? Why do you end up in the funk? Does God allow the […]

  • Discussion: Power

    What do you do with power? Is or better to honor God with your power or to not take sides? Do you gave the power to make a choice that […]

  • Discussion: Fools

    What is a fool? Someone who thinks/lives as though there is no God. Can you not be a fool without God’s help? If you have decided to live for sinful […]

  • Discussion: Light

    Describe light. What is it like without light? How is God like light? “”-1 John 1:5-7 Are you in the light? Are there areas of darkness you need to get […]

  • Discussion: Cold

    How does it feel to be really cold? What if you had no where to be warm? What if you had no jacket, and was homeless? Did you notice gol […]

  • Discussion: Faithful

    Are you faithful? Have you noticed God’s faithfulness? If you died standing up for God, would God take care of you? If you let god down, would his faithfulness change […]

  • Discussion: Honor

    What is honor? Who do you honor? What do you honor? How do you show honor? “”-Exodus 20:12 (honor parents) “”-Romans 13:1 (submit to authority) “”-Acts 5:28-29 (obey God over […]