Notes: Parent Meeting 


About Each of Us:
– Introduction and bios, give brief summary of why we got started in youth ministry, and which leader is from which church (Karyn, Cyndi, Ezra)
Karyn -We are everyone’s leader (6-12th graders)

Karyn -if they know a kid needs someone to talk to someone, please let us know 

Ezra -if they have recurring struggles, we can incorporate those in a discussion or communicate with them personally

Ezra – Talk about discussions, they are published on a website for anyone to read (

Cyndi – Tuesday Run list, mention worship and how they can get involved, end with mentioning notebooks 

Karyn – Notebooks 

Karyn – letting parents know we are there to support the parents roles as well as the students 

Karyn – k&e are also parents

Karyn – urge parents not to use youth group as an incentive, because we are attempting to be a positive influence.

Karyn – Remind app & web service (
– forms for parents w/ contact info, questions, comments, if they would like to help or speak, speaker/testimony suggestions etc
Q&A Session:
Our vision is to support each other, welcome others, and experience God’s love together.

Students can discover what it is to know and trust God and live out His unique plan for their lives. 

We are here to listen to our students, to grow relationships, and to spread hope to a world that desperately needs it. 

We seek to maintain an atmosphere where any teen can feel accepted. 
– Name the merged youth group, 

– Decorate the youth room,

– Space saving cabinets, 

– Buy a locking cabinet. 

– Summer Camp: TBD, waiting on Cyndi’s state board
– Something great about our youth group is the earnest desire to connect.