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April 20th

I read 1 Kings 7. Solomon had many pieces of furniture built for the temple, many of them were not even weighed because there were so many. All of the items had some sort of engraving or artwork integrated into their design. I listened to the Immerse audio for today (Week 10, Day 50), and read along with Jude 1. Believers are warned to be careful to warn others who are straying from the truth in love, yet hating the sin that entangles them. There are apparently some who have been coming to teach falsely that God’s grace is a license for sin, and those false teachers must be removed from the church.

April 19th

I read 1 Kings 6 this morning. Solomon builds the temple for seven years, much of it overlaid with gold, to specific measurements. (Previously recorded audio). I also listened to the Immerse reading for the day (Week 10, day 49) in 2 Peter 1-3, I read that there were false teachers that were misleading people into sin and corruption, even by twisting some of Paul’s comments in his letters.

April 16th

I read 1 Kings 3 today. Solomon asked for wisdom and discernment from God, and it was given to him, as well as riches and power. I also recorded audio for this chapter previously. I listened to Immerse day 46 today, which includes Mark chapters 14-16. Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead, and was seen by and interacted with others.

April 14th

I read 1 Kings 2 this morning. Here is the audio I recorded previously. David made a few last requests of Solomon before he died. Solomon had his older brother killed because of an inappropriate request he made of him through his mom, Bathsheba. I listened to Immerse audio day 45, which includes the full chapters of Mark 11-13. Jesus describes the events that will precede His return.