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January 19th

In 1 Samuel 11 I read that Saul’s popularity as king began after he prepared a military rescue for an Israelite town who was being invaded. Samuel reaffirmed Saul’s kingship after that.

January 18th

This morning I read 1 Samuel 10 and learned how Saul was anointed king by Samuel and told his three donkeys had already been found. His father was now worrying about his whereabouts, and he prophesied with the profits, surprising some people. Then an assembly was gathered and Saul was chosen to be the king, but at first, he couldn’t be found. He was hiding among the supplies.

January 17th

As I read 1 Samuel 9, I learned that a tall and handsome man named Saul was looking for some lost donkeys and God told Samuel when Saul would pass by him and be ready for an appointment set by God. What may have seemed like a random meeting was directed by God, to give Israel the king they asked for.

January 16th

I read 1 Samuel 8 which explains the two sons of Samuel who were dishonest in their leadership, so the people asked for a king. Samuel prophesied that the king they would receive would strip away all of their freedoms and subjugate everything they work for and all they hold dear. They still wanted a king, so God agreed to let them have what they asked for.

January 15th

I read 1 Samuel 7. The Ark of the LORD stayed in one town for 20 years. The Israelites served God exclusively, put away their rival gods and were not bothered by the Philistines for a while.

January 12th

I read 1 Samuel 6 and learned how the Philistines returned the ark to the Israelites with a guilt offering. The Israelites were glad, except for the ones who looked into the ark and died.

January 11th

I read 1 Samuel 5 which tells about the ark of God which was captured by the Philistines. They placed it in the temple of their God, Dagon. But their God (or the idol that represented it) fell down repeatedly and broke. God’s hand was heavy on any town that the ark was in, inflicting its residents with tumors and inciting fear into all of the Philistine people. They decided it probably should go back to the territory of the Israelites.

January 9th

I read chapters and am only now publishing notes for:

Ruth 3, Ruth covertly notifies Boaz that he is eligible.

Ruth 4, Boaz handles the legal details of ensuring he can marry Ruth.

1 Samuel 1, Samuel is born after a previously infertile Hannah prays for a son and promised to give him to God.

1 Samuel 2, Samuel begins ministry under Eli, but Eli’s sons working there were wicked.

1 Samuel 3, God speaks to Samuel at night, and appoints him to be a prophet.

January 3rd

In Ruth chapter 3, Naomi instructs Ruth to covertly lay at Boaz’s feet after dark, to let him know that she was interested in him. He instructed her to leave in the morning before anyone saw her, and that he would seek to find out if he could legally become her kinsman-redeemer later that day.