Read the Bible in 4 years


I made and published this calendar to be able to always keep up the habit of reading the Bible every day, no matter how busy life gets or how distracted I might get, my habit of looking at my calendar a few times a day and having my iPhone already on hand, and a bunch of preparation like this makes it much easier to do. I spent 4 years recording myself reading each chapter and reflecting a little to prepare the audio for the inevitable days when I have to drive all day and don’t seem to have a whole lot of undivided attention, but can listen to myself read the chapter, I can do that. In the moments I don’t have ready access to a printed and bound Bible, I have a link included to click and open the particular chapter on a webpage on Typically I will read the day’s chapter while on my 15 or 30 minute break or lunch while I am at work, listening to the recording at the same time as reading along with it on the page in my work truck. I work mostly weekdays and also some Saturdays, and attend church on Sundays, so I made this reading plan to fit into the plan so that I can focus on whatever Bible passage is presented on Sunday at church, have something to read every weekday, and Saturdays are always different, so when I look at my calendar in the morning, it is best if I do the reading first thing, because sometimes I don’t really look at my phone on the weekends while I’m at home. I wanted to have a balanced plan of distributed chapters so that I wouldn’t be reading the Old Testament for 3 years, then the New Testament for one year, and for that fourth year to be reading the four gospels one after the other, so I decided to put 1 gospel in the earlier part of each year, and to have each month start with around 20 Old Testament chapters and end each month with one of the 4 Gospels or other New Testament chapters of about 5 or 6 in total. I wanted to be able to keep 3 bookmarks in my paper bible and be able to have one for the Old Testament reading, 1 in the New Testament in the first 4 chapters, and the last one in another part of the New Testament. This way I can start with Genesis 1 and end with Revelation 22 at the end of 4 years and not feel starved for one part of the Bible and feeling repetitious about another part of the Bible. There will be natural parts that get special emphasis and reinforced through Church, events, and other shorter term reading plans I might also get involved with. So if you don’t mind having 1,189 new all-day events in your calendar with links to reading and audio to follow, please subscribe and let me know how it works for you.

iPhone Calendar Link (iCal)

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Lastly, sometimes the smartphone itself can be a distraction for many of us, so it is always good to have an analog plan to be able to follow. I made this to be printable on two pages both sides, with a view for the reading plan for a full year on each page. I tried to really conserve paper here, so I understand some with eyesight challenges may need to use a magnifying glass to comprehend it. I color coded the cells to visually differentiate Old Testament with Blue, Gospel Green, and New Testament Yellow. Each page has 4 columns that contain three months each. Hope it helps.

Downloadable PDF

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