The Voice is a daily Bible reading podcast, and if you would like to subscribe to the bible reading plan calendar, use this link (in iCal format) or just view the calendar (in html format).

This site also is a place for our local church’s archived youth group discussions notes. Our current Youth Group has relevant information at Wired Youth Group’s site.

“We have a passion for seeing teens thrive. We would like them to learn from the mistakes of others, so they can avoid the pain of drug abuse, uncontrolled anger, premarital sex, and unwise best-friend selection. We enjoy discussing the issues brought up whenever we meet, and allow room for teens to interact with each other and express their concerns, struggles, and problems. To allow for other conduits of communication, we set aside at least 7 minutes for each 6th to 12th grade youth to write in confidence whatever they care to, while informing them of our policy to report any incident of suicide attempts or planning, physical abuse, or criminal acts of violence. Each week we write back a note of acknowledgement with advice or encouragement with biblical emphasis, supporting the role of parents, and the importance of living a life of purity and purpose. On occasion, we also contact individuals via iMessage, Skype, Kik, SMS, eMail, Facebook, or Twitter, depending on the information volunteered by the teens. We welcome Parents to contact us about any questions or concerns they may have, and would very much appreciate getting to know the rest of the family, too.”
-Karyn & Ezra Engle