July 18th

Today I read 1 Chronicles 17:

David felt guilty for living in a nice palace while God was in a tent. God was fine with the tent and was not complaining about it, but told David through the prophet Nathan what was to come. He would build a house for him, through his offspring.

(archived audio)

July 13th

Today I read 1 Chronicles 13:

The LORD’s anger broke out against Uzzah for touching the ark of God. Uzzah was struck down and died, which scared David, so instead of bringing the ark to the city of David, the ark was left with the family of Obed-Edom, then their household was blessed.

(archived audio)

July 11th

I read 1 Chronicles 11 today:

David was acknowledged formally by the people as the king of Israel, and the fortress controlled by the Jebusites was captured and called the city of David after that time. David’s mightiest warriors are listed.

(archived audio)