January 2nd

I read Ruth 1 and Ruth 2 today. Naomi’s sons died, and her two daughters-in-law were widowed. They were Moabites, and Naomi recommended they both return to their homeland and their gods, and remarry, since they were both still young. One daughter left as it was suggested, and the other (Ruth) refused to leave, clinging to Naomi and pledging allegiance to Naomi, her people, and her God. She started gathering leftover grain (like other poverty stricken individuals normally would), to feed herself and Naomi, but was noticed and treated generously by a man named Boaz.

Judges 19

Reading Judges 19 for Wednesday, December 20th. Warning: the content of this chapter contains graphic descriptions of violence and references to graphic sexual abuses. A Levite traveled through Benjamin and was threatened by a group of men in the town, and whose concubine died as a result of their actions.