June 7th

Today I read 2 Kings 13:

Elisha tells a king to strike the ground with arrows, and the king strikes the ground three times, but should have struck it 5-6 times. The number of times he struck the ground was an indication of how many times he would defeat his enemies. My takeaway, is that if God tells you to do something, whether directly or through His prophet, go the extra mile, He May have it in mind to bless you in proportion to your obedience.

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June 6th

Today I read 2 Kings 12:

Joash requested that the temple be repaired by the priests, so he asked them to collect money and repair it. 27 years later he realized that they were still collecting money, but the temple still was not repaired, so more money was collected to give directly to workers who repaired the temple without receipts, because they were completely honest workers. Later, Hazael, king of Aram attacked and captured Gath, but Joash gave Hazael a large sum of dedicated valuable items, so Hazael decided to withdraw from Jerusalem.

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June 5th

I read 2 Kings 11 today:

Athaliah tried to kill all of the princes, but one was taken away and hidden for six years in the temple, then he was made king at the age of seven years old. All those who followed Athaliah were killed and Joash, the new king, began to reign. The temple of Baal was destroyed as well as its priest.

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June 4th

This morning I read 2 Kings 10:

Jehu killed Ahab’s 70 sons and all of the prophets of Baal that showed up for a deceptive worship service, but Jehu failed to get rid of the golden calves that people were still worshiping.

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June 2nd

As part of my plan to read the entire bible every four years, one chapter a day, this morning I read 2 Kings 9:

Elisha sent a young prophet to covertly anoint Jehu king over Israel. Jehu drove like a maniac and met king Joram, and challenging his and Ahaziah’s reign, shooting Joram with an arrow. Jehu chased Ahaziah too, injuring him but not killing him before he escaped to Megiddo and eventually died there. Then Jehu went to Jezreel where Jezebel confronted him about the killings from an upper window, but was thrown down by two or three eunuchs to her death, then most of her body was eaten by dogs, and unable to be buried properly, which fulfilled Elijah’s earlier prophecy about her.

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June 1st

I read 2 Kings 8:

When king Ben-Hadad sent Hazael to ask Elisha if he would recover from his illness, Elisha said that he would. He also said that he would also die and Hazael would do horrible things as the next king. Hazael only told the king about the part of the prophecy that he would recover, and then suffocated the king with a wet cloth while he slept.

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I listened to (Week 16, Day 80) of the Immerse Audio reading plan today also. (This is the last day of this particular New Testament reading plan I started together with my local church)

Revelation 19:11-21:

A white horse with a flaming-eyed rider wearing a blood dipped robe with His title printed on his thigh is revealed from the clouds of heaven. His army, wearing white linen and also on horses followed Him. The beast and the kings of the world gathered to fight against the rider and his army. The beast and his false prophet were thrown into the lake of burning sulfur. Their entire army was killed by the sword that protruded from the rider’s mouth. Vultures gorged themselves on the flesh of the slaughtered masses.

Revelation 20:

An angel chained up the dragon for a thousand years, throwing him into a bottomless pit. After the thousand years were up, the dragon would try to deceive the nations again and start a war with God’s people and city. Fire came down from Heaven to consume them. The devil was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur together with the beast and false prophet. Then all of the dead were judged according to their deeds, and then death and the grave were thrown into the lake of fire, unless their names were already recorded in the book of life.

Revelation 21:

God brought a new Jerusalem down from Heaven to the Earth, which was vacant of land structures and geographic details. He said that He will now live with mankind, and wipe away their tears and take away their pain. But those who are corrupt, Practice witchcraft, are immoral, lie, worship idols, and unbelievers will be thrown into the fiery lake of burning sulfur. Then an angel showed the new city of God, which was a cube made of fine materials. All those who have their name written in the Lamb’s book of life can enter, others cannot.

Revelation 22:

There was a river of life, which watered trees that produced fruit to heal the nations. All curses were ended. Night no longer exists, everyone worships God, and they all rule together. John was warned not to hide any detail written in this prophecy, and all are encouraged to keep their robes clean.

Let all who are doing harm continue to do harm, and let all who are vile continue to be vile. Let those who are righteous continue to be righteous, and let those who are holy continue to be holy.

God’s judgement will come soon. All will be repaid according to their deeds. May the grace of Jesus be with God’s holy people.

May 31st

I read 1 Corinthians 3:

Don’t think like the world does. Stop fighting with each other. Your body is God’s temple. Don’t destroy it. Embrace God‘s wisdom, even though you may be considered fools by this world.

(archived audio)

I listened to (Week 16, Day 79) of the Immerse reading plan.

Revelation 17:

A woman, waters, and a beast represent kingdoms that will give their authority to a central figure that blasphemes God.

Revelation 18:

Babylon falls in one hour and many people mourn the loss of such a great customer to their businesses and industries. The city is judged for taking the lives of God’s prophets, and people’s bodies and souls.

Revelation 19:1-10:

The 24 elders and the 4 living beings fell down and worshiped God and prepared for the wedding feast of the Lamb. They reaffirmed that only God should be worshiped.

May 30th

Today I read 1 Corinthians 2:

We rely on the Spirit of God working within us to reveal the wisdom of God, not on persuasive words of mankind. God’s wisdom is powerful, and if everyone had it, Jesus would not have been sentenced to die on the cross. Some things cannot be understood or discerned, except through the Spirit.

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I listened to (Week 16, Day 78) of the Immerse reading plan together with other members of my local church.

Revelation 12:

A woman was about to give birth. A red dragon prepared to eat the baby. The baby was born and went to be with God near His throne. The woman was cared for in the wilderness for 1,260 days. There was war in Heaven and the dragon was thrown down to the earth. The dragon then pursued the woman, but she was kept safe. Then he declared war on her children, and took a stand by the sea shore.

Revelation 13:

A beast came up out of the sea, and was given the dragon’s authority and power. People worshiped the dragon and the beast. The beast had blasphemous names, and spoke blasphemies. Then there was a second beast who made an idol that was given the power to speak. It commanded everyone, rich and poor alike, to worship it or to be put to death. All to chose to worship the idol had to put a mark put on their hand or their forehead, or they would not be allowed to buy or sell anything.

Revelation 14:

The lamb stood on Mt Zion, with the 144,000 people who stayed faithful to Jesus and angles declared what was about to happen. Everyone was warned not to accept the mark of the beast or to worship his idol, or the wrath of God would fall on them. Then an angel harvested the whole earth, then another angel harvested the sinners and sent them into God’s wrath.

Revelation 15:

The temple doors in Heaven were opened and seven angels were getting ready to put out the last seven bowls of God’s wrath. The people who were victorious over the beast were holding harps and singing praises to God, while standing on a sea of glass mixed with fire. No One was allowed into the temple until the seven bowls were poured out.

Revelation 16:

The bowls began to be poured out, bringing malignant sores, polluted the sea, turning the fresh water sources into blood, and made the sun scorch people, but people did not repent. They cursed God instead. More bowls were poured out which dried up the Euphrates river, allowing armies to easily cross. Three demonic spirits influenced the kings of the Earth to declare war against the Lord at a place called Armageddon. A shout came from Heaven saying, “it is finished” followed by thunder lightning and a record breaking earthquake that leveled all of the cities, then islands disappeared, and mountains were leveled. Seventy-five pound hailstones fell on people and they cursed God because of the plague and the terrible hailstorm.

May 29th

Today I read

1 Corinthians 1:

Paul corrects the church in Corinth for arguing about who they follow, and instructs them that they are to boast in the LORD, not in man. They are to remember that God’s wisdom is foolishness to those who are perishing, and that they did not bring significant value in wisdom to God’s kingdom when they were called.

(archived audio)

And then I listened to (Week 16, Day 77) of the Immerse audio from four chapters in the book of Revelation, and then I took some reference notes shown below.

Revelation 8:

The seventh seal was opened. The first angel of seven blew a trumpet and caused hail, fire and blood to burn 1/3 of the plants on the earth. The second angel’s trumpet blow caused a fiery mountain to fall on the earth and killed 1/3 of the life in and on the ocean. The third angel’s trumpet blast caused a star to fall and kill 1/3 by contaminating many of the fresh water sources on the earth. The fourth angel’s trumpet blast caused 1/3 of the sun, moon, and stars to go dark. Then an eagle warned about the last three trumpets that were still yet to come.

Revelation 9:

The fifth angel blew his trumpet, which caused a star to fall to earth from heaven, and that star was given a key to open the shaft of a bottomless pit. Opening this shaft caused a plume of smoke to be released and stinging locusts flew out and sting (but not to kill) all who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads, torturing them for five months. They look pretty weird up close. The sixth angel blew a trumpet, causing four angels to kill 1/3 of all humankind, and they totaled 200 million mounted troops. This who did not die still would not turn to God, but continued to worship idols, murders, thefts, witchcraft, and other sins.

Revelation 10:

An angel was standing on sea and land and was holding a little scroll, and a voice from Heaven told John to eat it and that it would be sweet, then sour. It would cause him to prophesy about many peoples, nations, languages and Kings.

Revelation 11:

John was told to measure the temple, just not the outer courtyard. Two witnesses would be given power to prophesy for 1,260 days. They will have power to send drought, plagues and will kill those who try to harm them with fire flashing out from their mouths. The beast will come out of the pit and kill them, people will celebrate their death, and after three and a half days, they will be resurrected by God and brought up to Heaven in full view of their enemies. The seventh angel blew his trumpet, and voices announced from Heaven what wrath and judgement was going to be happening soon. Then an earthquake happened, lightning, thunder, another earthquake, and then a terrible hailstorm.