August 7th

I read 1 Chronicles 29:

David gave lots of his own gold and personal treasures in addition to all the valuable supplies he collected for Solomon to use to build the temple for God, and others joined in with their giving, and sacrifices. Solomon was made king, and people were glad.

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July 28th

Today I read 1 Corinthians 11:
It seems that Paul would like men to not cover their heads, and would like women to cover their heads, as well as to also have long hair, while men should not. This passage confuses me, because it seems to be a cultural practice, not a recommendation for christians for all time based on the authority and direction of God. It seems odd, especially since attitudes change pretty radically with regard to hairstyles and fashion. I don’t know if I should be feeling convicted or not by this, because I wear a hat and have long hair, and my wife does not often wear a hat. If so, I would like to have this confirmed. I currently do not feel compelled to do this, unless I am attending a church where this is expected, then I will remove my hat, but will not likely cut my hair to attend. Also, it seems that this letter is addressing many specific issues this church was facing, including overeating and drunkenness during the LORD’s supper.
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July 27th

Today I listened to 1 Corinthians 10:

Paul teaches the Corinthians to flee from temptations. He explains that 23,000 people died because they tested God’s patience by engaging in idolatry. There is a way out of falling into sin if we look for it. You can’t follow both God and demons at the same time. You are accountable for what you know, so don’t ask about the meat served to you. Don’t cause others to stumble.

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