April 7th

I read 2 Samuel 20 today, and listened to my previously recorded audio. Joab led his men to invade a city, but after some negotiations, the man they were really after was beheaded and his head was thrown to Joab & his men, which made the purpose of the attack be accomplished with less casualties than would be otherwise necessary.

April 5th

I read 2 Samuel 18 (Audio). David and his troops advance to fight against Absalom and his men, but wanted Absalom (David’s son) not to be harmed. Absalom, however, was killed by Joab, which caused David grief.

April 2-3rd

I read 2 Samuel 15-16 today. David was rushed out of his own kingdom by his own son, and his son took bad advice from advisers that had a good reputation, sleeping with David’s remaining 10 concubines on the rooftop.

March 30th

4-year reading plan: Mark 16. Jesus was not at the tomb, and three women; the two Marys and Salome went to prepare his body properly with spices and perfume, but found that He was gone. A young man in a white robe told them that Jesus was alive and that they should tell the disciples about this.

Immerse audio (Week 8, Day 40): 2 Timothy 1-4. Paul prepares Timothy for hard times ahead, but tells him what he must do to steward the gospel well even after he is executed, if it comes to that.

I also read John 19 while listening to a special Good Friday reading recorded by my local church’s lead Pastor, Steve Hoden.

March 29th

I read Mark 15 today. Jesus was sentenced under a trial of popular opinion, then given to the Romans to be crucified. He was first mocked and abused further. Darkness enveloped the land and He cried out one last time as He died, and his death was confirmed by the centurion to Pilate before His body was released to Joseph of Arimathea to be buried. I listened to Week 38 day 39 of the Immerse reading with my local church. Reading Titus 1-3. Paul instructs Titus on how to guide the church he will be visiting.

March 28th

I read Mark 14 today. Jesus was betrayed just as he said He would be. All the disciples ran away when He was arrested. I then read 1 Timothy 1-6 as part of the Immerse audio plan I am doing with my local church. (Week 8, day 38) Paul encourages Timothy to keep the faith, do good, and encourage others to do the same.