May 11th Men’s Breakfast Talk

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God Answers” by Ezra Engle


When God says “Go” go humbly.

Verse: (Mary, Saul, Moses, Jonah)

Explain: “Slobedience” when we delay our obey, we stand in the way.

When God says “No” obey respectfully.

Verse: (Jesus in Gethsemane, David, Moses)

Explain: “being told no is a challenge, and always has been”

When God says “Woah” wait faithfully.

Verse: (Abraham and Sarai, David‘s Reign))

Explain: sometimes it seems like God isn’t saying anything, but ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are a little more noticeable than ‘wait’ seems to be. This answer often seems to be the most challenging one to cope with, because it isn’t often obvious how long a wait is going to be.

Prayer 🙏

Because we don’t know exactly how God will direct us for our specific situation. We must practice being in a posture of listening readiness. This is hard for me, because I always have some next task I want to complete. I can become easily distracted by the urgent more than the most essential.

Bible Study 📖

Because some things God has already made clear in His word. We don’t know what we don’t know, so familiarize yourself with the Bible over and over again, and get a plan to read the parts you are less familiar with at a pace you can understand and prayerfully study it for application to your life.

Fellowship 👥

Because some decisions are not moral decisions, they are developed through experiences and made through our discovery of preferences, giftedness, and through interpersonal relationships with each other. Some things God leaves up to us to decide, and we won’t know until we get there. (I took a golf class at DVC and changed my mind to take Tai Chi instead because I wanted to hang out with the people I saw there.)

Mission 🗣

God has made us (humankind) for a general purpose (to bring Him glory), but he has also made you (and me) for a specific purpose. Long term life purpose, and shorter missions at each season of our lives. Attentive listening to His prompting allows us to stay close to His will and maximize His purpose (and our purpose at the same time)