May 11th

1 Kings 18:

Elijah proves to the people that the LORD is God because He answers prayer with fire and Baal does nothing to indicate existence. The people believe it and then slaughter the 450 prophets of Baal. Elijah prays for rain and waits, then rain comes powerfully to end a long drought.

(Archived audio)

Immerse Reading audio (Week 13, Day 65)

James 1:

Don’t just listen to God’s law, do what it says.

James 2:

Do what you are supposed to do, faith requires action. There are many biblical examples of people who had faith and acted on it.

James 3:

Teachers and leaders should know that they will be judged more strictly, and that there are to be an example for other believers in wisdom. They have influence for both good and bad, so they should use it carefully.

James 4:

Don’t cheat on God with the world. Don’t judge each other and criticize each other. Don’t make public statements about the future that can become boasting, be humble and submit to God’s will while it is still unknown.

James 5:

Watch out, rich people! Your life of luxury could lead to eternal suffering, so be kind to the poor. Be patient for God’s return. Don’t grumble about each other. Don’t make promises with an oath. Just say yes or no. Pray for each other and praise God, pray together for healing with anointing oil. Confess your sins to each other. Bring back those who wander away.