May 10th

Today, as part of my 4-year chapter-a-day reading plan, I read…

1 Kings 17:

In this chapter I read that Elijah prophesied that it would not rain (until he says that it would), then God asks him to hide in a ravine and be fed meat and bread by ravens, then he met a widow and her son, who are starving, but he asks her to feed him before feeding herself and her son. Her oil and flour never run out, but her son dies, and Elijah prays for the son to be resurrected from the dead, and her son became alive again.

(archived audio)

I then listened to the Immerse (Week 13, Day 64) New Living Testament reading for today, starting with…

Hebrews 11:

A history of faith is reviewed of the biblical record, pointing out the power that has always been in existence from the old covenant to the new covenant. These people did not receive what reward was to come before they died.

Hebrews 12:

We should persevere and accept the discipline from the Father, which is good for us. Don’t let bitterness in. Don’t let immortality or godlessness set in. God’s kingdom and other unshakable things in heaven and on earth will remain. Worship God in holy fear and awe. He deserves it.

Hebrews 13:

Care about each other, strangers, prisoners, and victims of abuse. Honor marriage, avoid immorality, be content with your financial status, not greedy. Share with those in need. Obey your spiritual leaders, and pray for them (us).

This was for my local church’s 16 week New Testament reading plan which has just a few weeks left to go.