May 9th

Today, while walking to work, I listened to my previously recorded audio of 1 Kings 16 while reading along with

1 Kings 16: Describes the events of Baasha and Elah to Omri and Ahab’s reigns. These Kings did not please God, and suffered under a curse as a result of their idolatry and disobedience.

And for my local church’s Immerse Reading plan,

I listened to and read through

Hebrews 8: Describes how Jesus is a greater high priest with a better sacrifice and also brings a new and superior covenant.

Hebrews 9: Describes the temple, and explains what the elements point to, why they are there, what they represent, and why they could not be more than temporary and a placeholder for the full solution to humankind’s problem of sin.

Hebrews 10: Explains that the old way of animal sacrificing repeated itself without end, reminding people of their sin over and over again, but could not remove sin entirely. The new sacrifice of Jesus’s blood is perfect and covers sin once and for all, and allows us to boldly approach the most holy place with confidence. Those who reject this sacrifice of Jesus, deliberately and continually sinning, and regarding it as common and unholy have no more sacrifices available, and will be subject to God’s judgement.