May 16

I read 1 Kings 22 this morning.

A king was considering a battle to retake land that his kingdom had lost, so he inquired of his hundreds of prophets, who all prophesied success in the battle. None of them were prophets of the LORD. When he inquired of the one prophet of God, He prophesied that the king would die and everyone would scatter away leaderless.

(Archived audio)

I was scheduled to listen to Immerse audio (Week 14, Day 68) but the audio link was not active at the time I checked. I believe it covers John 4-6

(I already listened to the Podcast episode for week 7, Day 34 of the 8-week plan yesterday, which included the passage for yesterday and today’s readings)

John 4:

While the disciples were getting food, Jesus was thirsty and sat down near a well. He asks a woman for a drink of water, but she is confused as to why He would want to even talk with her, and they discuss many things and she hears that Jesus is the Messiah, and she excitedly tells all the people in the town. Later Jesus heals a boy remotely while talking to his father.

John 5:

Jesus heals a paralyzed man and angers the Pharisees for asking the man to pick up his mat on the Sabbath day. Jesus points out the bad situation the Pharisees are in with God because of their misplaced priorities.

John 6:

Jesus has compassion on 5,000 men and their wives and children too, so He miraculously feeds all of them with a boy’s lunch. Later lots of people were so focused on the miraculous food program that they missed the point of the miracle and the authority of Jesus Himself. Jesus walked on water to catch up with his disciples who were traveling by boat, and taught that people were going to have to eat His flesh and drink His blood to have eternal life, so His followers were reduced to those 12 who believed completely, but one of them he said was a devil, because He knew he would later betray Him.