May 15th

I read 1 Kings 21 this morning.

King Ahab was sad that one of his subjects refused to sell property to him to use for a garden and deferred his Totalitarian authority to his wife Jezebel who then arranged for the man to be falsely accused and then executed by stoning. God sent Elijah to prophesy the dishonorable end of Ahab and Jezebel’s life. Ahab humbled himself, so his curse was modified and slightly delayed.

(Archived audio)

Today’s Immerse reading was (Week 14, Day 67 of the 16-week plan) this link may still not be active yet. I believe it will be about John 1-3: (Immerse audio introduction to John and a few chapters)

(I just listened to the Podcast episode for week 7, Day 34 of the 8-week plan, which includes the passage for today and tomorrow’s readings)

John 1-6: (an audio introduction)

John writes a gospel, telling a story of new creation. An audio introduction describes what the book of John is like. It describes it as a portrait of Jesus on the backdrop of Israel’s history.

John 1:

Jesus is the Word, and is God. His coming was foretold, and has authority.

John 2:

Jesus does a miraculous sign at a wedding party, turning water into wine. (Really good wine). Later He threw out people from the temple because they were turning it into a marketplace.

John 3:

Jesus meet Nicodemus and teaches him about being spiritually reborn, and about being saved from sin and death through faith in God’s one and only Son.